Asmeta Overview

Asmeta is a framework for the Abstract State Machines (ASMs) formal method. It is composed of different tools for performing different validation and verification activities.

It is based on the definition of a metamodel for ASMs. For the metamodel semantics, we adopt the ASMs semantics given in the ASM book.


Mar 23: new relaese 23.03 with several bug fixes is now available
Oct 22: We present the work Compositional Simulation of ASM for Safety Critical Systems at FACS 2022
Jun 22: Asmeta is presented at IVOIRE worskhop
Nov 21: Our work Automatic test generation with Asmeta for the Mechanical Ventilator Milano controller is presented at ICTSS 2021
Apr 21: Asmeta now supports time - see our paper at ABZ 2021
Jun 20: Asmeta moves to github
Oct 19: we present the usability aspects of Asmeta at AFFORD 2019
Apr 19: we present the Asmeta scenario refiner at A-MOST 2019
Oct 18: we present the generation of Behavior-Driven Development C++ Tests from ASM Scenarios at IWCFS 2018
Oct 18: we present the validation of the translation of ASMs to C++ at ICTSS 2018
Jul 18: we present the Asmeta flattener at F-IDE 2018
Jun 18: we present the Asmeta animator at ABZ 2018
Apr 18: we present the Generation of C++ Unit Tests from Abstract State Machines Specifications at A-MOST 2018
May 17: we present our experience in using the ASM symbolic representation (as SMT context) at AFM 2017
May 17: we present the code generator at NFM 2017
Jul 16: we present the Asmeta refinement correctness prover at SEFM 2016
Jul 16: we present the Asmeta visualizer at HOFM 2016
May 16: we present the modeling and analysis of the hemodialysis machine case study at ABZ 2016
May 15: we present the ASM formalization and verification of self-adaptive systems at SEAMS 2015
Jun 14: we present the modeling, analysis, and testing of the landing gear system case study at ABZ 2014
Jul 12: we present the use of ASMs for testing web applications at ICWE 2012
Jun 12: we present the test generation for sequential nets of ASMs at ABZ 2012
Jul 11: we present the SCA-ASM modeling language at the EUROMICRO SEAA 2011
Apr 10: we present AsmetaMA (the Asmeta model advisor) at NFM 2010
Dec 09: we present AsmetaSMV (the Asmeta model checker) at ABZ 2010
Oct 08: we present Asmeta at ICSEA 08
Sept 08: we present Avalla and AsmetaV at ABZ 2008
Jun 08: we have almost completed the porting of Asmeta to EMF
Oct 07: Asmee has been presented at Eclipse-IT 07